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With the Sentinel solution, the companies that belong to the capital market; stock exchange brokers, brokerage firm positions, and mutual funds will have a technological tool that allows them to manage the risks of money laundering, terrorism financing, and proliferation of mass destruction weapons, complying with the local and international regulation and the best practices.

The important on-boarding process, in which the securities companies analyze the risk appetite of the customer, generate a prospectus, and execute the “Know Your Customer”, will be accompanied by the automation of the AML/TF risk calculation of the customers: business sector, economic activity, type of customer, and products will be some of the factors that the institution may include in its risk matrix.

Investment product monitoring, like certificates, will be analyzed in their incorporation characteristics and in their behavior. Opening of financial instruments by groups of individuals with identical or similar characteristics, like application dates, amounts, confirmation data, references, are signals of alert that the system can detect, as well as the early settlement of instruments.

With Sentinel, the investigation unit can follow up on each action executed in the forensic analysis of the case.


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