• Prevent financial crime
    from the cloud

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  • The most complete fraud and money laundering prevention solution

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  • Prevention efficiency with minimum business disruption

    Autonomous management and optimum service levels

  • Own powerful prevention tools:

    Geolocation, Machine Learning, Link Analysis

  • Integrate your analysis, monitoring, and management processes

    Comprehensive solution, personalized reporting, automation


Money Laundering Prevention

With a risk-based approach, use various methods to detect unusual activity and comply with regulations

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Fraud Prevention

Detect fraud across the organization with a holistic perspective, in real time, using state-of-the-art technologies and management tools

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Sentinel Relations

Discover hidden patterns in multiple data sources through link analysis, and be more effective in fighting fraud and money laundering

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Payment Methods

Specialized tools in prevention of losses derived from credit, debit, and private card fraud, as well as from mobile payments

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Solutions for fraud and money laundering detection and prevention, completely modular and aligned to the challenges of the organization

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Credit Union

Solutions that support money laundering and fraud prevention strategies in financial products and channels

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Microfinance Institutions

Sentinel supports the management of microfinance companies as an agile tool to reduce fraud and prevent money laundering

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Specialized solution in anti-money laundering compliance for Insurance Institutions

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Capital Market

Specialized solution in anti-money laundering compliance in brokerage firm positions

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  • Banco Azteca
  • Banco BHD
  • Scotiabank
  • Banistmo


    SmartSoft was founded in 2002, with the purpose of its founders to develop the best solution for fraud and money laundering prevention for the financial sector. Along with its service vocation, the culture of the company is focused on our customers, who in turn, have become our best references.

    We are proud of our ethics, of maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers and collaborators, and of maintaining a proactive attitude and always being flexible to the needs and challenges faced by our customers.

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